Rent a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Bedrooms Private Villa for your holidays !

BaliOvillas is located in Canggu-Kerobokan.

Quiet, authentic, 5 minutes from famous Canggu beaches, 10 minutes from Oberoi shopping and restaurants and 15 minutes from Seminyak’ shopping area and night life. A perfect combination to enjoy the nature and Balinese traditional community and the modern Bali life. At 35 minutes only from the Airport, BaliOvillas offers 2 private villas for rent per night with private swimming pools.

Each villa has its own personality, and come with hand picked decorations from across Bali and framed in relaxing tropical gardens. By naming the villas following some of the 5 Hindu Balinese elements (Villa Pertiwi and Villa Bayu), we would like to share with you the Balinese way of life, which look after a greater harmony with spirit, nature and others.

At BaliOvillas we also try to give in with the Eco principle that is growing around the world. Ours villas are structurally (roof tree) designed to reduce environmental impacts using recycled materials or locals materials.

Villa Pertiwi (means Earth) is composed by 2 bedrooms and private 10 meter pool.

Villa Bayu (means Air) has 3 bedrooms and private 10 meter pool as well. They both can communicate (joined doors) and together become a 4 or 5 bedroom villa to welcome big family and all friends. Villa Pertiwi and Bayu are separated by 2 wooden doors that can be open and create a unique big villa of 4 to 5 bedroom. Perfect for big family or many friends! You got then a 4 or 5 bedrooms with TWO pools!!! You can rent only one bedroom if you are just a couple or on honeymoon trip and you will have the whole villa just for you!

Facilities such as Sport TV channel (Setanta Sport Channel), Internet wifi, massage on side of the pool, house keeping, night security, daybed FREE of charge for kids and more… all is ready for your holidays!

Special Features


Twin or King bed?

Some of our King bed can be transformed into Twin bed!


Need 4 to 5 bedroom?

Make Villas Pertiwi and Bayu become one Super Villa of 4 to 5 bedrooms with TWO Swimming Pool just by opening the 2 wooden joined doors. Perfect for big family or many friends!


Family friendly!

Kids under 12 years old using the Day bed inside the Bedroom are free of charge! The Daybed is 1.90 x 0.80 meter.